Modernisation of airports and renewal of the Public Transport Company Skopje fleet

One of the most significant commitments undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, when it comes to the development processes and improvement of general infrastructure, is modernizing the airport infrastructure. Realizing the necessity for modernization of the airports, the Government gave the two international airports “Alexander the Great” in Skopje, and “St. Paul the Apostle” in Ohrid under concession to the Turkish company “TAV”.

Visa Liberalisation

While Europe was celebrating the 20th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the European Union destroyed the Schengen Wall between itself and the Macedonian citizens. The entry into force of the Decision of the Council of Ministers for Justice and Home Affairs on the visa liberalization made it possible for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to travel without visas across Europe.

Agriculture subsidies

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia will continue implementing agricultural policies which contribute to the development and strengthening of the competitiveness of Macedonian agriculture. The Government will continue implementing the measures allowing farmers: to have easier access to loans, to have part of the expenses for acquiring livestock and growing plantations and crops covered, as well as to have their farm production subsidized.

Buy a House, buy a Flat

In order to help those who have not yet acquired their own home or residence, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, via the Ministry of Finance, initiated the implementation of two projects. These are the so-called Fifty – Fifty shared installment for the first five years and 50% Participation for the purchase of an apartment or the construction of a house.

Construction of 145 school gymnasiums

The aim of the project for construction of 145 school gymnasiums by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is to promote sports at school, good health and healthy habits of students.

Reconstruction and refurbishment of public healthcare institutions

This is the largest healthcare sector project in the history of the Republic of Macedonia since its independence, which will thoroughly remodel and renovate the external and internal infrastructure of 41 healthcare institutions.

Construction on Corridor 10: Demir Kapija - Smokvica

Good infrastructure is vital for rapid economic growth and development, better competitiveness of the economy, as well as faster circulation of persons, goods and passengers. Considering the fact that the Republic of Macedonia is at the crossroads of two main corridors: East – West (Corridor 8) and North – South (Corridor 10), the Government intends to continue the realization of capital infrastructure projects that will in turn contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of national economy, higher economic growth and a more balanced regional development.

A future on healthy foundations

Проектот „Иднината на здрав темел“, беше осмислен да се легализираат бесправно изградените објекти, по едно евро квадрат, кои имаат значење за државата и објектите наменети за производство, дистрибуција и сервис (тешка и загадувачка индустрија, лесна и незагадувачка индустрија), како и индивидуални градби со висина до 10,2 метра.

An Italian Investment of 10 Million Euros in Construction of a Shopping Centre at Petrovec

By laying the cornerstone in the municipality of Petrovec, the construction of a multifunctional shopping centre began today, an investment of the Italian group Euroitalia worth 10 million euros. The business building will span across an area of 10.000 square meters and should provide 100 new jobs.

Peshevski: I am Optimistic that We will Realize All Set Foreign Investments by the End of This Year

The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Issues Vladmimir Peshevski is optimistic and expects that all planned foreign investments for this year will be realized.