Interview of Deputy PM Teuta Arifi with RFE

We should work on reforms on the whole. The things are good, there is good activity but still there is much to be done in relation to reforms and efficiency of the public administration. We should not neglect the fact that judiciary and the entire process is being monitored by the EU and also here there’s work to be done, Deputy PM for EU Affairs Teuta Arifi stated in the interview for Radio Free Europe (RFE).
- I cannot say that reforms in the judiciary are lagging but I consider that we can change the image towards better and it can be done. I held meetings with high judicial officials and I see will and preparedness. This preparedness should be shown and I think it will be appreciated from Brussels as well, Arifi said.
Asked about her optimism that Macedonia will receive good EC progress report in October, Arifi said, “optimism cannot be based on your wishes but on what you are doing.”