Promotion of 130 volumes of Macedonian literature translated into English

Books included in an edition titled "130 Volumes of Macedonian Literature" as of today are available in English as well. With the translated works included in the capital project, readers from all around the world will be given a chance to read Macedonian works of art. The project covers literary production of various styles and periods - from texts by the enlighteners Cyril and Methodius, to contemporary Macedonian authors from other ethnic communities in Macedonia.
Premier Nikola Gruevski, who attended the promotion held at the Macedonian Academy of Science and Art (MANU) on Thursday, said the Government-funded capital project represented a panorama of Macedonian literature and a treasure of literary values.
"This invaluable artifact of Macedonia's literary history has now become more available to readers worldwide. By translating these books, we present all literary fans outside Macedonia the gift of Macedonian literary opus. A series of genres and works from different generations of Macedonian authors is now available to global audiences. With this move, we have once again demonstrated our dedication to affirm Macedonian books at the global literary scene," Gruevski said.
Works incorporated in the project, as well as other books are planned to be translated into French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.
Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said that Macedonia's spiritual values were being offered to the world in the language of Shakespeare, who once said the world was a global stage.
"In addition to presenting the wealth of Macedonian literary production in English, this project will also present the multicultural and multi-ethnic profile of the overall Macedonian literary sphere," Kanceska-Milevska stated.
80 translators and 25 editors have been engaged in the project run by St. Clement of Ohrid National Library.