Pavel Satev Institute: PM Gruevski most popular politician

Ruling VMRO-DPMNE has maintained the highest rating among political parties, whereas its leader and incumbent PM Nikola Gruevski is the most popular politician, shows the latest poll conducted by the 'Pavel Satev' Institute.

When asked which party they would vote for if elections were held tomorrow, 23.3 percent of respondents chose VMRO-DPMNE, followed by SDSM - 13.7 percent; DUI – 7.0; DPA – 4.3; NDP – 1.8; LDP – 0.9; and VMRO-NP – 0.6 percent. A total of 28.0 percent of those surveyed did not know which party they would vote for, while 17.9 percent would not exercise their voting right.

Referring to the person they hold most trustworthy, 24.8 percent chose Nikola Gruevski, followed by Branko Crvenkovski - 7.4; Ali Ahmeti – 6.9; Menduh Thaci – 4.0, Rufi Osmani – 1.8; Radmila Sekerinska – 1.8 percent. 29.3 percent of the respondents trust nobody, while 17.7 percent said they didn't know who to trust.

Most of the respondents consider that VMRO-DPMNE's program is better in comparison to other parties, saying  that the incumbent government is reform-oriented. 60.4 percent of them believe that the opposition SDSM would not be more successful in dealing with the economic crisis, and 68.8 percent say they will not support the opposition rally for early elections.

The telephone poll was carried out on May 30-June 1, encompassing 1.500 respondents.