PM Zaev condemns Todorov attack, talks first day in office

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev condemned Thursday the attack on former Health Minister Nikola Todorov.

"I condemn this attack. People should not even think of this, let alone do it. I am glad that former minister Nikola Todorov is safe, because we are all people, we should help each other, not send bad messages", Zaev told reporters.

During a meeting in the morning, PM Zaev and President Ivanov agreed over the need for cooperation.

"I am aware on the necessity for cooperation with the President. At the same time, he knows that cooperation with the Government is required because we are here for the citizens. I sincerely hope for cooperation and we will do everything in our power to put this cooperation at the highest level possible", said Zaev.

Regarding his request for the resignation of Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski, the PM said this would signal the start of the judiciary reforms.

"These reforms will be accompanied by enhancement of the people's quality of life", he added.

Zaev also met with predecessor Emil Dimitriev, who briefed him that the state of the budget is stable.

"This is a bit of a comfort, because at the end of the day, it all depends on the money, which belong to the citizens. I believe we will be successful in managing the state funds", added PM Zaev.

Asked if he would remove the fence surrounding the Government building, Zaev said instructions for this action would be given today.

"The Government must be open and accessible to you, journalists, and the people in general", he said.