Besimi: No dualism in Government

There is no dualism between VMRO-DPMNE and DUI in the Government. The visit to Greece was carried out in the capacity of Vice Premier for European Affairs, towards creating a climate of cooperation and trust, which is beneficial for both sides, says Vice Premier for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi in an interview with MIA.

"With regards to reactions in the public over the existence of dualism between VMRO-DPMNE and DUI within the Government, I can say that my visit to Greece was carried out in the capacity of Vice Premier for European Affairs, representing the interests of Macedonian citizens. I am not serving as vice premier only for Albanians, Macedonians or Turks, but all citizens. We received that mandate from the MPs who are supported by the majority", says Vice Premier Besimi.

Pertaining to the impression that the Greek side is not that reluctant when it comes to meetings with DUI officials in the Government, while avoiding meetings with ethnic Macedonian officials, Besimi says this thesis is wrong.

"This thesis is not useful, especially in Macedonia, because we are all officials of one Government and we are working in the interest of all citizens, with Euro-Atlantic integration as one of the strategic priorities. The fact that we accepted to run these sectors (defense and Euro-integration) shows that we want to contribute to Macedonia's progress. This includes the communication with Greece on these issues. Regarding the meetings, it is important to create a climate of cooperation, a certain degree of trust, thus making meetings beneficial for both sides", stresses Besimi.

He says there have been meetings between the PM and FM with Greek counterparts, whereas the latest encounters only provide an additional impulse.

"We can only benefit from them, since regardless of the political party or the ethnicity, all citizens will be happy when we join the EU and NATO - Macedonians, Turks, Albanians, Roma etc", emphasizes Vice Premier Besimi.

According to him, the main goal of the visit was Macedonia's European perspective in light of the European Council summit in June, as well as to bring the two countries closer.

"We agreed that the European perspective remains the region's best alternative and they support Macedonia in this process", adds Besimi.

The name issue was tackled in the context of the Euro-integration process.

"We agreed that a solution must be found soon, one acceptable for both sides, whereas the UN-mediated process must be accelerated towards a final solution, meaning progress in Macedonia's Euro-integration. The official talks are led within the UN, but these visits are important in creating a positive climate, creating more possibilities for communication, mutual trust. In this regard, there are no dilemmas over parallelism in the process. On the contrary, we should operate within our jurisdiction and provide our contribution in the process that is of essential significance for all Macedonian citizens", says Besimi.

Besimi and Avramopoulos did not refer to the latest proposal by mediator Matthew Nimetz.

"We agreed that the name issue should be settled as soon as possible, and both sides should provide their positions to Nimetz in the coming period in order for the process to move forward", he adds.

The Vice Premier also refers to expectations from the European Council summit in June.

"We should do our job, resume with the reforms, demonstrate progress in good neighborly relations and the name issue. These are the three tasks that the Council gave us in December to complete by June. I want a realistic approach and turn ambitions into daily work", underlines Vice Premier Besimi in the MIA interview.