Citizens firmly stand behind progress, reforms and development, Gruevski says in address to nation

Macedonia today had a difficult, but important day. Today we witnessed the first failed, violent attempt to topple democratic institutions and the government legitimately elected in free and fair elections only 18 months ago. The story involving the budget was used as a cover by Branko Crvenkovski, who has launched his final personal battle to survive in politics, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said in Monday's address to the nation.

He said that SDSM's parliamentary group, after breaching the Parliament's Rules of Procedures at least ten times in the past several days, today by using force had attempted to delegitimize the legislative body. "After failing to do so, it tried to burst into the Parliament by using violence."

"However, not only thousands of citizens were prepared to reject the aggression of this transitional manipulator, but also the country's security forces supported them and successfully acted in a correct, professional, responsible manner allowing the Parliament to resume its activities in accordance with the constitution and the law," Gruevski noted.

The PM expressed regret over as he said "the unpleasant situation with the reporters covering the Parliament session today."

Gruevski in his address to the nation underscored that the people today stood up against the opposition's leader.

"Today, Branko Crvenkovski wanted to take over the leadership of the country by force with nearly 3.000 supporters. Today, the people stood up against Branko Crvenkovski - there were at least three times more citizens who took to the streets to stand up against him. Branko had to face the people," Gruevski said.

He added that the outcome of today's failed attempt by the opposition to burst into the Parliament and to violate the will of the people was the budget's adoption envisaging pensions and social welfare to rise as of March 2013.

The PM stressed that Macedonia was an economically stable country, having low debt and record-high foreign exchange reserves. "The story that the country was highly indebted and that it was facing a Greek scenario is part of the plan by this skillful manipulator and transitional politician. But one thing is clear, SDSM's leadership is headed toward a Greek scenario. Macedonia is still one of the countries managing to successfully tackle the negative consequences of the European debt crisis. I haven't made this conclusions myself, they have been confirmed by international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and IMF," Premier Gruevski said.

Addressing the nation, Gruevski pledged to work on the promises he made to the people saying he was prepared for all possible scenarios by the opposition.

"Our economic policies remain focused on creating conditions to open new jobs. I will keep on working on the promises made to you. I am not a man who easily makes promises, but when I do, I stand behind and fight for them till the end to fulfil them. Given the fact that Branko Crvenkovski said he would continue with his risky scenario, I would like to emphasise that we are ready for all possible scenarios in a bid to protect the citizens' interests and to protect the law and the constitution," Nikola Gruevski said in his address to the nation.