Vice-Premier Arifi: Opening of EU accession talks vital for citizens of Macedonia

The situation in the region related to the EU-integration has been altering this year and it is very important for Macedonia to remain part of this process, Vice-Premier for European Affairs Teuta Arifi told reporters on Tuesday. 

Arifi, who reported on the work done since taking the office, said this month would be dedicated to lobbying for opening of Macedonia's EU accession talks in London Paris, Dublin, Athens and Brussels ahead of the Union's meetings in December.

"Acquiring a date for the accession talks is vital for all citizens of Macedonia," Arifi said, pointing out that the process for settling the name row - the only obstacle to the country's progress towards the EU and NATO membership - remains a priority.

Asked if the developments in Athens could affect on the name negotiations, Arifi said they should not prevent Macedonia to lobby for opening of its EU-entry talks.

She said the Secretariat for European Affairs drafted an action plan, which addresses the European Commission recommendations, Arifi said. The plan is focused on the reforms of public administration and judiciary, government-media dialogue ...

The Secretariat's agenda for 2012 will be drafted next month, she said.