Customs for goods intended for industry to be reduced as of Jan. 1, 2012

In accordance with government’s programme in the sphere of customs tariffs and support to business climate, activities for reduction of customs tariffs for goods intended to several industries and sectors for overall economic activity in the country are foreseen as of Jan. 1, 2012, Zoran Stavreski, Deputy PM and Finance Minister, announced at Sunday’s open government session.

By the proposed changes of the Law on Customs Tariffs the reduction of customs includes 100 half-products and raw materials used by industries although maybe now is not the most favorable time for new customs reduction because from government and state aspect it will mean reduction of revenues in the budget, Stavreski said.

Nevertheless, a promise is a promise, Stavreski said and government should maintain to dynamic included in programme.

In support to food industry and production of juices the customs tariffs for refined sugar are to be reduced from 30% to 5% and to zero percent will be reduced for raw sugar, sugar cane and sugar beat. Also in the sphere of sport, Stavreski said customs tariffs will be revoked to skis, snowboards, ping pong equipment, gymnastic devices, tennis rackets etc.