Gruevski: Ilinden, date when Macedonia celebrates success and bravery

“Macedonian people, we are not a tree without roots, our struggle for freedom and progress is founded on the historic continuity of interweaving the authentic values of the two Ilindens, the breakthrough of national creative potential, defiance of the freedom-loving spirit, bravery sealed by victory”, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at Tuesday's event in Pelince Memorial Center on the occasion of August 2-Ilinden and the 67. ASNOM anniversary.
According to Gruevski, the Pelince gathering marked the day when the foundations of the modern Macedonian state were laid.
Ilinden is a date when Macedonia celebrates success, bravery and heroism, but also homage to those who gave their lives for free Macedonia", he said.
Prime Minister Gruevski stressed that the second Ilinden included, upgraded and achieved the civilizational achievements of the first one.
"The outcome of the World War II struggle is an example of a deserving victory by employing own forces, efforts, self-sacrifice, challenges, energy, love and patriotism, eventually putting a seal on the triumph and putting the Macedonians on the list of nations-greats that put an end to Hitler's crimes", stressed Gruevski.
Delegations from the Government, Parliament, President's Cabinet, Veterans' Union, Macedonian Army General Staff, political parties, diplomatic corps laid flowers at the Memorial Center.