Business forum ""Macedonia - The Most Competitive European Business Destination" held in New York

Macedonia's Government on Friday evening local time at the New York-based Harvard Club organised a Business Forum, "Macedonia - The Most Competitive European Business Destination" to present country's investment opportunities, which was attended by representatives of over 100 US companies.

Premier Nikola Gruevski at the forum delivered an address focusing on the economic situation in Macedonia. An address was also delivered by Deputy PM in charge of economic affairs, Vladimir Pesevski referring to Macedonia's economic policy and its strategic priorities, while Viktor Mizo - director of the Agency for Foreign Investments - delivered a speech on topic "Benefits and Initiatives for Doing Business and Investing in Macedonia".
"The Government of the Republic of Macedonia is the past five years has carried out in-depth and substantial economic reforms in a bid to establish a functional market economy, to stimulate competitiveness and personal accountability amongst individuals. Moreover, reforms in other segments in the system have been launched laying a foundation for the citizens of Macedonia to have better living standards," Gruevski said in his speech.
He added that Government's goal was to achieve and maintain a high economic growth by developing the private sector, attracting investments and opening new jobs.
The Premier informed that in 2010, Macedonia's economy started to gradually recover - in the first quarter of 2011 an encouraging GDP growth of 5.1% was registered. He reiterated that a recent data revealed on Thursday showed that GDP's growth in the second quarter of 2011 was 5.3% indicating that there has been a growth of an average 5.2% in the first half of 2011.
"Our current projections suggest that the year will be completed with a growth of 3.5%. Considering latest results, probably there will be a higher growth than what we’ve predicted. In coming years, it is expected Macedonia's economy to advance with a momentum that was seen in the years prior to the global economic crisis," Gruevski stressed.
He informed the guests on the reforms undertaken in the tax system aiming at lowering taxes and social contributions to reduce business costs, on the "Regulatory Guillotine" project, technological and industrial development zones, etc.
"For its results achieved in reforms such as starting up a business, obtaining construction permits, hiring workers, registering property, obtaining a credit, protecting investors and paying taxes, the Republic of Macedonia by the World Bank was ranked 3rd amongst the best reformers in the world in the list published together with the Doing Business report. According to the 2011 Doing Business report, Macedonia has the best ranking in the world. Additionally, Macedonia in the report is included amongst the countries that have been carrying out reforms continously for five years to improve conditions for running a business," PM Gruevski stated.
The Premier voiced his expectations that the business forum would yield results and that potential investors were to recognise Macedonia's advantages to implement their business plans. The Government, Gruevski pledged, is prepared to provide the necessary support for realisation of these investment projects.
Deputy PM Musa Xhaferi, Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki and ministers Bill Pavleski and Vele Samak were also in attendance at the forum "Macedonia - The Most Competitive European Business Destination".