Steel Con opens EUR 3,5 million plant near Kumanovo

Macedonian company "Steel Con", along with its Dutch partner "Gerliko Group" opened a plant for rebar processing in Kumanovo village Mlado Nagoricane on Wednesday.
The EUR 3,5 million investment, including a EUR 750,000 grant from the Government of the Kingdom of Netherlands, is to open 100 jobs, whereas the rebar placement has been secured through several projects in Macedonia and abroad.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who attended the opening ceremony, voiced satisfaction from the investment.
"Republic of Macedonia is increasingly seen as a business destination. Our efforts in the past period aimed at promoting the country and favourable business conditions are starting to yield results", stressed PM Gruevski.
According to him, investments such as the one by Steel Con represent an additional encouragement for the Government in further improving Macedonia's business climate.
Netherlands Ambassador to Macedonia Marriet Schuurman said the plant was another example of the growing ties between Dutch and Macedonian business partners, confirming that capital knows no boundaries, nations and distance.
Steel Con general manager Boban Todorovski said the plant opened a new chapter in the company's history, adding that the Government's proactive policy has made this type of investment a reality.
Steel Con was established in 2005 and has worked alongside the Dutch partner since last year. It has taken part in large projects in Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Germany, Africa etc.