Optimistic approach needed, it's in the interest of Macedonia's strategic goals

It is essential to endorse a positive approach, openness, cooperation. Maintaining this spirit, it will help us a lot and make the situation much easier for us to overcome several obstacles that have been imposed without being factual, stated Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Poposki, who met with UN mediator Matthew Nimetz on Thursday in New York together with PM Nikola Gruevski.
Underlying that talks have been very useful, Poposki said the meeting with Nimetz focused on sharing views and predictions with respect to solving the dispute imposed by Greece over our constitutional name by using an exceptionally positive and constructive approach.
"I believe that with this kind of approach by the parties involved, a solution is inevitable considering the priorities of the Republic of Macedonia. It is being considered that such opportunities are quite useful. It would be good if this momentum is maintained and upgraded further. It would be very useful if it is backed by all of the participants and surely mediator Matthew Nimetz has sufficient space to upgrade his work in contributing a success to be achieved," the FM noted.