Clinic for Eye Diseases in Skopje gets new medical equipment

The Clinic for Eye Diseases in Skopje gets Sunday new modern medical equipment. The investment worth EUR 1 million is part of the purchase of apparatuses for ophthalmology for public health institutions worth EUR 3 million.
The Clinic is equipped with latest generation of apparatuses for diagnostic of eye diseases as optical tomography and retinal camera as well as equipment for ophthalmology outpatient department: bio microscope, tonometer, ophthalmoscopes and apparatuses for conducting surgeries.
PM Nikola Gruevski, Health Minister Nikola Todorov and Education Minister Pance Kralev officially put into operation the new equipment.
Health Minister Todorov said that the new apparatus will enable application of modern methods for which patients were previously sent in some private clinics or abroad.
The equipment will enable treatment of large number of patients and more quality health service. It is an investment, which was not made in the last 10 years, Todorov said.
He also informed that starting from Sept. 18 the training for special methods will begin adding that there are already trained personnel for the apparatuses for diagnostics.
Part of the installed equipment at the clinic is Optical Coherence Tomography Laboratory worth Denar 9 million.
Education Minister Pance Kralev said that this will help professors and doctors to work on scientific and research sphere.
He announced that the project for equipping laboratories continues adding that EUR 11 million are foreseen in the sphere of medical sciences.
The rest of the purchased equipment for ophthalmology will be installed in more that 20 health institutions in the country.