Tree Day

The dream of a forested Macedonia through planting the future appeared in August 2007, when the UNESCO Peace Ambassador, the world – renowned baritone, maestro Boris Trajanov, encouraged a project for mass forestation of the desolate and barren mountains. His statement is unforgettable: “We are not the only ones populating this planet, the forests live with us.”

All activities are unconditionally supported by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia with all its Ministries, the Community of Local Self-Governments (ZELS) with the municipalities, and the PC “Macedonian Forests”.

A total amount of 2560 hectares have been forested in 2008, in 2009 an additional 3.915 hectares, in 2010 – 2017 hectares, and in 2011 in the spring action, 744 hectares have been forested. Moreover, through the regular program of the Widened Reproduction of Forests in the end of 2006 to 2010 period, a total amount of 3000 hectares have been planted.

The world-renowned media Francepress, Reuters, Ksin Huan, BBC and other, reported about the action –Tree Day with admiration. Thus, the Tree Day action provided the Republic of Macedonia with international affirmation.