Agriculture subsidies

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia will continue implementing agricultural policies which contribute to the development and strengthening of the competitiveness of Macedonian agriculture. The Government will continue implementing the measures allowing farmers: to have easier access to loans, to have part of the expenses for acquiring livestock and growing plantations and crops covered, as well as to have their farm production subsidized.

Between 2011 and 2015, a total of 670 million Euros will be allocated as agriculture subsidies:

  • 2011 - 115 million Euros
  • 2012 - 130 million Euros;
  • 2013 - 135 million Euros;
  • 2014 - 140 million Euros; and
  • 2015 - 150 million Euros.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply will continue implementing an agricultural policy whose results are already visible in terms of development and raising the competitiveness of Macedonian agricultural products. Europe and the world should recognize us as reliable and quality agricultural business partners.  

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply has already recognized the effect of subsidizing.

According to the latest information obtained from the State Statistical Office and in line with the relevant analyses, the export growth is visible in the last several years. In 2005, when the value of subsidies was symbolic, the export reached 278 million Euros, in 2007 it amounted to 346 million Euros, in 2009 – 357 million Euros, whereas in November last year, export was estimated to 384 million Euros.

The Government is thus convinced that subsidies helped Macedonian farmers in maintaining and upgrading their production and is committed to maintain the level of subsidies in this sector.