Construction on Corridor 10: Demir Kapija - Smokvica

Good infrastructure is vital for rapid economic growth and development, better competitiveness of the economy, as well as faster circulation of persons, goods and passengers. Considering the fact that the Republic of Macedonia is at the crossroads of two main corridors: East – West (Corridor 8) and North – South (Corridor 10), the Government intends to continue the realization of capital infrastructure projects that will in turn contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of national economy, higher economic growth and a more balanced regional development.  

The project for construction of the Corridor 10 highway, section Demir Kapija – Smokvica, is a project that foresees the construction of a new, modern highway section from Demir Kapija to Smokvica with a length of 28.18 km and in accordance with European standards, thus completing the main axis of Corridor 10 crossing the Republic of Macedonia. Due to the complexity of the terrain for construction works, this project has been assessed as very complex, involving construction of bridges, tunnels, overpasses and road nodes.

Corridor 10 is the most important element of the central transport network connecting the Hellenic Republic and Austria. Its length is 1,451 km. The total investment for construction of this section is 271 million Euros, 130 out of which have been allocated by the European Investment bank, 45 are an IPA grant of the European Union, 107 million Euros have been allocated by the European Bank for Research and Development and 6 million Euros from the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia.

The construction of the Demir Kapija – Smokvica section will finalize the construction of Corridor 10 at the level of highway.  

The completion of this section will transform Corridor 10 into a modern transport route in accordance with European standards. The main aim of this construction is to reduce transportation costs, save time and allow a faster circulation of vehicles, which will in turn influence positively the transit of persons and goods and increase the trade exchange between countries.