Raskovski: Government will do everything Super Cup to be held in Skopje

The government will do everything necessary to promptly remove all remarks from UEFA aimed at the 2017 UEFA Super Cup final to be held in Skopje, as planned, government’s secretary general Dragi Raskovski told Saturday’s press conference.

We have had the privilege of obtaining the organizational part of the Super Cup and all information and remarks given from Football Federation of Macedonia and the joint-stock company for construction and management of residential and commercial properties will be eliminated on time. We have to remove all remarks until July 21, because on July 23, the final control will come, which will decide whether the Super Cup will be held in Skopje or not, Raskovski underlined.

The main UEFA remarks referred to National Arena Filip II of Macedonia as the lack of air conditioners, space for broadcasting vehicles, internet infrastructure and internet access according to the capacity of the stadium, evacuation plans, unpainted fences, lack of adequate power supply in case of power failure…

He pointed out that UEFA's remarks on the condition of National Arena Filip of Macedonia were noted in all reports from September 2015 onwards, adding that that Football Federation of Macedonia kept the last report from UEAF sent to the FFM on June 15 for seven days after which it sent to the government. All things could have been done on time, however, for unknown reasons nothing was undertaken over the past six months.