EUR 3 million for equal regional development in 2017

EUR 3 million for 60 projects have been earmarked in this year's Programme for Equal Regional Development.

The Council for Equal Regional Development decided Thursday that 19 projects are intended for the development of planning regions, 18 for the development of villages, while 23 for development of regions with specific needs.

"Enhancement of the planning regions through implementation of projects is an excellent opportunity for strengthening of the competitiveness and increased growth of the local economy, creation of new jobs, improvement of education conditions, stimulation of the cultural and recreational spirit, as well as improved living standards", said Council chairman, Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski at Thursday's press conference.

Minister of Local Self-Government said 88 projects applied at the public call for 2017, 60 of which have been approved.

"A total of 560 projects have received MKD 1 billion (over EUR 16 million) since the programme's launch in 2009. We aim at annually increasing the budget funds for development of the planning regions, but also use international funds, thus multiplying the effects and implementing larger strategic projects", stressed Minister Elezi.