FM Poposki: US to intercede in order Macedonia to receive NATO's membership invitation

Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki met Thursday in Washington with US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Philip Gordon and with US Congressman David Price, co-chair of the Democratic Partnership Commission of the US House of Representatives.

Poposki presented Macedonia's expectations and arguments in obtaining a NATO membership invitation as soon as possible that are based on its performances in line with the Membership Action Plan and participation in NATO-led missions, MoFA says in a press release.

He underlined that Macedonia remained committed to partaking in the ISAF mission as long as necessary in compliance with NATO's strategy for Afghanistan.

Reaffirming the aspects stemming from the judgement of the International Court of Justice, the FM voiced his anticipations that the United States - being the strongest promoter of NATO's enlargement - would intercede in favour of extending the well-deserved membership invitation to Macedonia. Minister Poposki pledged that Macedonia would resume playing an important role for a successful outcome in the negotiations aimed at overcoming the differences surrounding the name with Greece and especially in advancing countries' neighbourly ties.

On Wednesday, Poposki at the US Congress in Washington held a meeting with Congressman Albio Sires, a member of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives. He informed Congressman Sires on current developments related to Macedonia's bid to join the Alliance, voicing expectations for a support by the US Congress regarding the matter.

The Macedonian FM also addressed the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the first time since Macedonia became a member of the regional organisation to serve as a permanent observer.

Speaking before ambassadors of 35 OAS members, Poposki focused on the aspects of improving Macedonia's cooperation with countries from the western hemisphere with an emphasis on bolstering economic collaboration. The FM elaborated the reforms implemented by the Government of Macedonia aimed to improve the business climate and opportunities for attracting direct foreign investments.