Government to draw up roadmap to boost Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic integration path

The government of the Republic of Macedonia at a session on Tuesday has defined guidelines to fulfill the urgent reform priorities, deemed crucial for the country's Euro-Atlantic integration process.

Starting tomorrow, working groups at various governmental levels are going to start drafting set of measures for a short-term 3-month plan, medium-term plans, i.e. 6-month and 9-month plans, to fulfill the key reform priorities of the Republic of Macedonia. 

"A document, i.e. a Roadmap, will be prepared including defined duties of the government as regards the reform process that is essential for the Euro-Atlantic integration path. The government's activities will be based on the priorities noted in yesterday's talks of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with EC's Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn, and will take into consideration the remarks of the group of experts, led by the European Commission's expert, Reinhard Priebe. PM Zaev said the European Union had demonstrated a serious interest into the Euro-integration perspectives of Macedonia. Accordingly, PM Zaev has requested serious commitment of all the ministers to the required reform process".

Considering yesterday's message conveyed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels, it was concluded at the session that implementation of key reforms in the country paves the way to re-starting relations with the Alliance and to opening of perspectives for Macedonia becoming a member of NATO.

Some of the key measures include the establishment of professional institutions, rule of law, conditions for unbiased functioning of the media, anti-corruption measures, etc. It was also concluded that defence reforms, laying the foundation for a modernized and professional army, are a necessity.