Agriculture Ministry launching 'intensive' dialogue with farmers, says Nikolovski

Starting today, we are launching an intensive dialogue with farmers. We want to hear their suggestions, proposals, their thoughts, etc. It is the only way, through ongoing, consistent and sincere talks to come up with quality solutions, Ljupco Nikolovski said Friday. 

The new Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management today held his first meeting with manufacturers.

Nikolovski said the government's new policies would focus on introducing green oil and subsidy payment. Also, operations of the Paying Agency would be analyzed.

"We have taken oath to work responsibly and in compliance with the law in the interest of the farmers. We are going to make all the necessary steps in this regards, taking into account that many problems have emerged in the past 11 years. The program on direct support is about to be amended in order the measures we have promised to take to be discussed early on in the government's sessions. One of the key measures is the introduction of a cheaper green oil," Nikolovski told reporters.

In turn, the farmers said they expected an extremely bad year agriculture-wise, probably one of the most catastrophic ones in recent years.

If there is nothing to be harvested, they said they would demand that they should be exempted from paying utilities. They said they would also ask the Ministry of Agriculture to act as a mediator in talks with banks to postpone the payment of loans for mechanization.

According to the farmers, it is possible this year that there will be no need to harvest lands or yield to be estimated at only 10%-20%.