Dimitriev: Parliamentary alongside local elections to end crisis

Early parliamentary alongside local elections are the way out of the political crisis in the country. The only guarantee for a unitary Macedonia is the creation and development of a strong civil and multiethnic society, said Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev on Wednesday.

"The way that some want to set things in Macedonia by excluding the ethnic Macedonian majority, as well as ethnic Turks, Roma, Vlachs, Bosniaks etc, cannot be achieved. In addition, debates that go deeply into the country's constitution opened in the post-election period, but were not part of the pre-election campaign. I believe these topics are not the privilege of political elites, but for people to have their say at new parliamentary elections that would be held alongside the local ones", said Dimitriev.

Regarding the possibility of opening refugee camps in the Western Balkan countries, including Macedonia, the PM said the country would not allow this.

"Macedonia has provided enormous contribution in the migrant crisis management and this was noted by all EU countries and beyond. We will act accordingly in the future, but we emphatically say 'no' to the establishment of camps in our country for refugees coming from an EU member-state", stressed Dimitriev.